Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I have been doing a series of dolls inspired from the beaded hats from Yoruba. This is a combination of ideas. I love making my wool felt pincushions. This is kind of like putting a pincushion on the dolls head. When I think back on it.....I think almost every doll I have every made has a hat on it.
This doll has a red poppy hat. I love fabric that has written words on it.

Close up of the Poppy Hat. Hand made tassels on the necklace.

Dragonfly hat and vintage fabrics from India.

                   Close up of the Dragonfly hat girl. Dragonflies are made with wire and Momi paper.
Here is the finished doll I was working on in my class in Petaluma CA. Alice. I used vintage hankies for her apron.


One of my sample doll bodies from the Petaluma class was a witch. Here is the finished witch.

Closed up of the Broom Inspector.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

                                         Cut a circle and a rectangular panel and cut into a fringe.

                                    Sew a gathering stitch along the straight edge of the flower petal.


                               Pull the gathering stitch tight and secure with a couple of stitches.

                    Start building the flower by adding the gathered petals and stitching them together.

Make sure that the petals are arranged in an even distribution and the colors contrast against each other.

                                                   Place the smaller rounded petals on the inside.

                                                             Gather the fringed rectangle.

                                     Place fringe in the center of the flower and sew to the petals.

                                              Gather the circle of felt.  Place a puff of polyfil inside.

                                                         Pull the gathering stitch tight and secure.

Place the felt ball in the center of the flower and sew together.  Take some stitches in the petals to create some wrinkles.  It will take the flower a step further in the interest level.

                               Gather the felt circle. Place a puff of polyfil into the gathered felt circle.

Pull the gathered stitch on the felt circle tight around the stem.  Secure the stitches.  Sew a gathering stitch along the straight line of the outer leaves.


Wrap the gathered leaves around the flower bud. Pull tight and secure the stitches. Cut three tear drop shaped leaves. These leaves will be glued to the leaves. This will hide the stitches and add extra  interest to the flower bud.

Add the flowers to the wire headband.  Keep adding  flowers to the headband to the desired composition.  Below is a finished sample of a felt flower headband.
Take a look at one of the Demoiselle DeFleur images previously published to see a finished flower headband.

                               Use three colors in different shades.  Cut the edges in a wavy irregular manner.

Cut 3 inches from the covered stem.
 Fold so that one side is a bit longer. 
Bend so that it will fit the head of your doll.  Curl one side for a tendril,  curl the short side into a tight circle.  The circle of fabric with a puff of polyfill needs something to grab onto.