Thursday, October 15, 2015

Alabama Chanin projects

Here is a close up of the cut work, stitching and beading of the Alabama Chanin skirt.

My friend Cindy asked me to finish her Alabama Chanin stitch work skirt. She realized that she just no longer had any time to work on the project. The skirt was taunting her every time she looked at it, and she had to get real and find an alternative way of getting the skirt done.
No lie......this took too many hours to count to accomplish. But it sure did turn out great. Cindy was thrilled.
I have 4 of the Alabama Chanin stitch work books. They are terrific books, and are available on I would highly recommend adding these books to your studio library.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Carson Doll Show

Finishing touches are being completed so that I will be ready for the show that my UFDC Doll Club has been planning for Oct. 17th.  Plaza Event Center - 211 South Carson St. 10am to 3pm.  It is sold out on the booth space so it should be a great grouping.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Speak in Absence

This new piece is called....Who will speak in my absence.
On an individual basis the artist always hopes that their work will speak for them long after their absence.  On a global many voices don't have anyone to speak for them in their absence. My dolls have always had the ingredient of merging cultures with familiar or contemporary aspects. Those elements go into the mixing bowl to create something that reflects a world view that is inclusive.
The black and red checkerboard in the skirt is pieced, as the diamonds in the blouse. Halfway through the piecing I began to realize I may have lost my mind. Hats off to all the quilters out there.
I made the tiny tassels for the necklace. I also added embellishment with coiled wire and beads to the sari border focal point in the skirt.

Charles and I discovered a wonderful walk by the Carson River in East Carson City. There was a band of wild horses that would congregate.  What a pleasure to go for a walk and see mountains and wild horses. Now I have to go through some of my images to find more of the pictures I have taken. The images of the babies are on the to do list.

             Full color from last year. The only tree like this on my block. Really stunning.
The Japanese Maple in front of my house. The raking will commence shortly. Full peak of color is yet to come.