Monday, May 16, 2016

Petalum Doll Class

Sew the hemline section of the skirt first. The hemline is horizontal to the dolls waist. Fold in half and sew the vertical line. Press the seam open.

Place the lining inside the skirt. You have now hidden the seams in the lining. You should have enough of the lining to slide a border under the hemline if you wish. You can make that choice in class. If you just sew the big tube skirt in advance that will suffice.

It always baffles me when people over complicate how to make a pair of pants. It really is one the simplest thing to make. It is 3 seams. The crotch line seams and the inseam. That's it. This pair of pants has an unusually long crotch line. We will pull the pants up over the cleavage area. So do think about what you would like to have as a tube top as part of the costuming. So the weight of the fabric is key. Stay with light weight fabrics.

                                                      Sew the curved crotch areas first.

Separate the legs and fold in half. Sew the seam. Now you have two legs of the pants. Turn and press.
We will make a decision on whether you will want a ruffle at the knee or a clean finish. So don't worry about the raw edge. We will take care of that when we dress the doll in class. Just sew, turn and press the pants.

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